The View From the Top of Snowslide Gulch


The View From the Top of Snowslide Gulch

The View From the Top of Snowslide Gulch.

In the center in the very far distance the snow-capped Chilkat Range on the far side of Lynn Canal; in the far distance the northern end of Douglas Island, Gastineau Channel, the two boat harbors, and part of Downtown Juneau can be seen. Left to right in Last Chance Basin: The Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co.’s Jualpa Camp is where the red roofs are on a lower slope of Mt. Roberts, then Gold Creek, Basin Road, and a tiny part of Perseverance Road (open to vehicles then) climbing the lower slope of Mt. Juneau and then becoming the Perseverance Trail – first visible in the photo where it passes around Cape Horn. Mt. Juneau fills much of the photo. And yes, I hiked to that spot, but not up the gulch itself! For the view from the bottom, 1,920 feet below, see this post: Snowslide Gulch. For the view from Evergreen Cemetery (far left of Mt. Roberts above the Cross) see this post: Mt. Roberts from Evergreen Cemetery.

Picture by David Kent, May 24, 1980 A.D., © 2015 A.D.

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