Clouds, Sun, Shadow, and Snowing

WEST JUNEAU WEEKLY PICTURE Clouds, Sun, Shadow, and Snowing Mt. Juneau and Mt. Juneau Ridge (far right). The Federal Building is left of center at the bottom. Picture by David Kent, 2:26 p.m. AST, November 26, 2016 A.D., © 2016 A.D.

Sepia Glow

WEST JUNEAU WEEKLY PICTURE Sepia Glow Left to right: Mt. Juneau, Mt. Juneau Ridge, and Mt. Roberts. The Federal Building is at the far left with Mt. Maria to the right of it and further back. Picture by David Kent, 6:09 a.m. ADT, September 5, 2016 A.D., © 2016 A.D.