Panorama of Silver Bow Basin, Juneau, Alaska

I compiled this panorama from pictures my Dad took on a hike with my Mom on July 23, 2005. The pictures are from the Granite Creek Trail.

Panorama of Silver Bow Basin.

For an aerial view of the area see this posting: Panorama of the Gold Creek Watershed from Mt. Juneau


Smoky Dawn


A Smoky Dawn – Mainland mountains to the ENE behind Juneau. Mt. Roberts in the foreground, “The Horn” of Mt. Juneau next ridge back on the left, then part of Mt. Roberts again on the right, and in the background the mountainside below the Mt. Juneau Ridge sloping down to the Granite Creek Basin; Olds Mountain is the twin peaked mountain in the center. The smoke is from wildfires in interior Canada and possibly Alaska.

Smoky Dawn over the mainland mountains behind Juneau

Picture by David Kent, 6:35 AM ADT, August 14, 2005, © 2005

Panorama of the Gold Creek Watershed from Mt. Juneau

On August 25, 1979 I took the pictures that because of the technology of today I could produce this panorama.

The distance from where I took the picture to Sheep Mountain (see picture below) is 3-7/8 miles. From my house I can see the Mt. Juneau Ridge and the tip-top of Olds Mountain, Mt. Roberts, Gastineau Peak, Gold Ridge, and Last Chance Basin.

There is a major flaw in the image though…because the far right portion of the image was shot from too great a distance from the remainder of the other pictures, the difference in perspective causes a problem in the lower part of Snowslide Gulch.

This a reduced size black and white copy of the panorama with labels showing the features in the panorama.

Photography by David Kent

Cruise Ship “Crystal Harmony” 1/2 hour after sunset

Crystal Harmony at the Steamship Dock in Juneau, Alaska,  9:14 PM, Sunday, August 14, 2005. The waters of Gastineau Channel in the downtown harbor in the foreground and faintly in the background the slopes of Mt. Roberts.

Crystal Cruises cruise ship Crystal Harmony makes 11 voyages to Juneau in the 2005 visitor season with it's last visit on September 21; this is it's last year of cruising in Alaska. The ship is 790 feet long, carries 940 passengers plus 545 crew members for a total of 10,340 passengers visting Juneau this year. The Steamship Dock, now owned by the City and Borough of Juneau was built by The Alaska Steamship Company which operated for 77 years from 1894 – 1971.

I took this photo at  ISO 50, F 4.5, 0.8 second exposure, -1-1/3 stops exposure compensation