Snowslide Gulch


Snowslide Gulch at the eastern end of Last Chance Basin

Snowslide Gulch  at the eastern end of Last Chance Basin.

Last Chance Basin is separated by a spur ridge of Mt. Roberts from downtown Juneau, Alaska. Gold Creek (looking upstream) is in the foreground and the north end of Gold Ridge on Mt. Roberts is at the upper right. The vertical distance from Gold Creek at 340 feet above sea level (MLLW) at the camera, to the top of the gulch at 2,260 feet, is 1,920 ft. The Jualpa Camp of the Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co. is out of the picture on the right. Snowslide Gulch is formed by the Silverbow Fault which stretches west from Silver Bow Basin on the other side of Snowslide Gulch, to the northwest end of Douglas Island. The fault forms the gap for Gold Creek between Mt. Juneau and Mt. Maria which is at the NW end of the spur ridge of Mt. Roberts.

Picture by O. Richard (Dick) Kent, 5:42 p.m. ADT, May 29, 2008, © 2008

Gold Creek in Silver Bow Basin


Gold Creek in Silver Bow Basin

Gold Creek in Silver Bow Basin.

In the far distance is Mt. Juneau (center) and the Mt. Juneau Ridge on the right. Silver Bow Basin is 2-1/2 miles east of the Capitol Building in downtown Juneau and is reached by Basin Road and the Perseverance Trail. From the time mining claims were located in late 1880, Silver Bow Basin saw extensive mining, first as placer mining, and then later as underground mining in the mountains on its southwest and south sides. Mining ended April 8, 1944 with the closure of the Alaska Juneau Gold Mine.

Picture by O. Richard (Dick) Kent, 1:52 p.m. ADT, August 1, 2002, © 2008

Panorama of the Gold Creek Watershed from Mt. Juneau

On August 25, 1979 I took the pictures that because of the technology of today I could produce this panorama.

The distance from where I took the picture to Sheep Mountain (see picture below) is 3-7/8 miles. From my house I can see the Mt. Juneau Ridge and the tip-top of Olds Mountain, Mt. Roberts, Gastineau Peak, Gold Ridge, and Last Chance Basin.

There is a major flaw in the image though…because the far right portion of the image was shot from too great a distance from the remainder of the other pictures, the difference in perspective causes a problem in the lower part of Snowslide Gulch.

This a reduced size black and white copy of the panorama with labels showing the features in the panorama.

Photography by David Kent