Wed. 4/25/18: Opinion: Why NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is such a fiscal black hole - Mark Whittington - The Hill | NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: Hubble's Cosmic Successor -

Tue. 4/24/18: Live Eagle Cam at Glacier Gardens, Juneau, Alaska - Glacier Gardens (You Tube) | Live Stream of Beaver Lodge - Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area, Juneau, AK - U.S.D.A. Forest Service (You Tube) | World watches as Alfie Evans’ life hangs in the balance - live updates - LifeSiteNews | Terri Schaivo’s Brother: “Courts and Physicians Perversely Insist Its in Alfie Evans’ Best Interest to Die” - LifeNews | Alfie's Army - Official (Facebook) | Opinion: The doctors and judge starving Alfie Evans are committing crimes against humanity - Claire Chretien

Mon. 4/23/18: New Snow on mainland (at the least) mountains | Capital Transit: Service disruption in downtown Juneau due to construction - CBJ | Front Street construction update - Juneau Empire | Opinion: The TSA is a waste of money that doesn't save lives and might actually cost them - Dylan Matthews at VOX | Solmetric Solar Installation Test & Measurement Tools | The Price of Public Health Care Insurance in Canada - 2017 - Fraser Institute (PDF) | Opinon: How Much Do Canadians Really Pay for Health Care? - The American Spectator

SUNDAY 4/22/18: New Snow on mountains | Wounded Officers Initiative - So Their Sacrifice is Never Forgotten

Sat. 4/21/18: 1341: Definitely saw a Hummingbird today, it was by the deck looking for the Feeder | Rainbows: 1818 to 1848 | Hail was reported in downtown Juneau today | Aurora Borealis at around Midnight April 20 -21 night | New Snow on mainland (at the least) mountains | 2018 Juneau Travel Fair, Today, Noon to 4 PM - Juneau Arts & Culture Center - Travel Juneau (Facebook) | Making Trumpets / Factory Tour - Yamaha Corp. (You Tube) | The Chinese Communist Party Is Setting Up Cells at Universities Across America - Foreign Policy | 3 Stories of Faith Under Assault, Plus: The Global War on Women - Breakpoint | SWA Flt#1380 Update - Pilot Emergency Procedures - Juan Browne (You Tube)

Fri. 4/20/18: New Snow on mountains | A discussion of the settling and tilting of the Millennium Tower in San Francisco - Eng-Tips | Here's Exactly How The 2019 GMC Sierra's Six-Way Tailgate Works - Jalopnik

Thur. 4/19/18: New Snow on mountains | Notice of Proposed Changes on Application & Content for ID Cards, Non-Commercial Driver's Licenses & Commercial Driver’s Licenses - State of AK | Western Pennsylvania sheriff challenges NRA boycotters - Washington Examiner | San Francisco’s Big Seismic Gamble - NYT | USGS Scenario for hypothetical 7 Mag. Quake on the Hayward fault in California - KCRA

Wed. 4/18/18: New Snow on mountains | NIST has developed a nanoscale coating for solar cells that enables them to absorb about 20% more sunlight than uncoated cells - NIST | Oil tops $68 for the first time in more than 3 years as U.S. crude stockpiles fall - CNBC | Mitsubishi Electric's digital skyscraper - "Tallest building on the internet" - Mitsubishi Electric | Arctic Circle Hot Springs Resort - Article by Craig Medred || 2018 Juneau Cruise Ship Calendars: Travel Juneau (shows all ships) & Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska (shows only large ships) ~ Both are PDFs .... 1st (large) cruise ship is the Ruby Princess on April 30th

Tue. 4/17/18: How to tow an airplane: Watch as this helicopter flies away with a wrecked Cessna - ADN ... Utqiagvik is the new name for Barrow, Alaska | Yosemite Flood: April 7, 2018 - NPS on You Tube | First Ford F-150 Diesel - Successful Farming | U.S. dairy producers make more than 600 varieties of cheese & the U.S. is the #1 world's largest cheese producer - Source: U.S. Dairy Export Council | How George Bush broke the Post Office - Opinion piece by Jeff Spross | Rudy Ripley passes away at the age of 83 - Capital City Fire Rescue on Facebook

Mon. 4/16/18: 1452: A Ruby-crowned Kinglet is in the willow by the deck | Two tunes today! ~ Adios - 101 Strings; Snowbird - Anne Murray ... Some profanity in the comments from the newer arrivals (sigh), & Snowbird - Living Strings (all on You Tube) || Former State ferry Taku headed to the scrapyard - KTOO | U.S. Supreme Court hears case on online sales tax - CBS News | Thousands of quakes hit Alaska since January’s major shake - AP via KTOO | Fairbanks Street in West Juneau is reopened by the CBJ after the winter closure.

SUNDAY 4/15/18: In 2016 U.S. consumers devoured 1.8 billion pounds of bacon worth approximately $8.8 billion - Source: National Pork Board | The politics of the PPACA* in Alaska - Craig Medred News (my headline) | The Government Shouldn’t Value Bears Over People by Della Trimble, resident of King Cove, Alaska - The Wall Street Journal | Editorial: Trump's Deregulation Binge Shows No Signs Of Ending - Investors Business Daily

Sat. 4/14/18: Fresh Dusting of Snow on very tops - tops of mainland mountains overnight | Australian Coal Plant to be Reactivated to "Mine" Cryptocurrency - Power Engineering | Ambler (Alaska) Copper: Part of the Problem or Part of the Green Energy Solution? - North of 60 Mining News | So You Want Wind Turbines But Don’t Want Copper Mines? - Center of the American Experiment | Amazon files patent for its Echo devices to one day listen to conversations to help make recommendations - The Guardian | The snitches in your kids’ dental office - Michelle Malkin | Obama lied. My FOURTH health plan died - Michelle Malkin ... Are you listening Sen. Lisa Murkowski?

Fri. 4/13/18: Spring is here: It’s time to switch out your studded tires - ADN | The U.S. Government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Hacked Hundreds of Times, Risking Sensitive U.S. Financial Data - Washington Free Beacon ... My comments below | eheat Recalls Envi Wall Heaters Due to Overheating and Burn Hazard (Recall Alert) - CPSC

Thur. 4/12/18: Dusting of Snow overnight on the mainland mountaintops | NWS: Record High Temperature Tied at the Sitka airport on April 11th - See 0457 Below | Paul Allen’s Crew Finds Another Historic Shipwreck - MarineLink | Glass Corrosion - Corrosion Doctors | Tour the Juneau International Airport's new Snow Removal Equipment Building on April 19th, 4 - 5 PM ... RSVP by no later than 4:30 PM April 18 - CBJ on Facebook | I downloaded the information Facebook has on me. Yikes. - Brain Chen at the NYT, via ADN | If you thought Facebook’s data collection is scary, wait until you check your Google account - BGR

Wed. 4/11/18: By 1520: The last of the shoveled snow on the front yard melted away; there is still a bit of snow, & plowed & shoveled snow in the neigborhood | 1450: The white of the buds on the willow by the deck is starting to show | NWS: Record High Temperature set on Tuesday, April 10 at the Annette airport - See 0501 Below | Some Troops, Families Could Owe Thousands to Keep Tricare - | Some Veterans Worry A PTSD Diagnosis Will Force Them To Choose: Treatment Or Their Guns - Huffington Post | 'Hole' in the Sun Spawns Powerful Solar Wind; Could Amp Up Auroras - | Aurora Forecast for night of Wed., April 11, 2018 - Univ. of AK Geophysical Institute

Tue. 4/10/18: 1111: NWS: Fast moving strong low to affect the Panhandle late afternoon today & Tuesday night - See 1111 Below | NWS: More Record Highs in SE Alaska on Mon. April 9 - See 1408 4/10 Below | A scientific expedition next year to study the Larsen C Ice Shelf hopes to also find the Endurance, the ill-fated ship of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton - BBC | Fees for Juneau’s electric vehicle chargers delayed - KTOO ... "Assemblywoman Beth Weldon said there’s a perception among conventional car owners that electric vehicles are getting a free ride." They are & the free ride needs to end. | Fly Alaska Airlines? The allowed size of your carry-on is about to shrink - ADN

Mon. 4/09/18: Rainbows: 1530 - 1534: Partial then full to the NE; 1718 & 1722: Partial briefly to the NNE & then NE; 1835: Partial to NE | NWS: Record High Temperature set at the Yakutat Airport on Sun., April 8 - See 0341 Below | The NWS is installing in Alaska automated Vaisala "Autosonde" stations to release weather balloons & collect data - Article at ADN | Waiting for Help: The Medicaid Waiting List Crisis - Foundation for Government Accountability (PDF) ... Tens of thousands of disabled people are dying while waiting for care, as dollars are redirected to able-bodied adults. Hat tip to Suzanne Downing at Must Read Alaska

SUNDAY 4/08/18: Due to a computer problem with the M/V Kennicott's vehicle elevator, the Kennicott has been delayed 33 hours in Kodiak - See 2226 4/07 | Record High Temperatures at the Juneau, Sitka, and Annette Airports Sat., April 7th - See 2024 4/07 | Wheelchair-Accessible Rear Entry Kia Sorento - Freedom Motors | We’re Going to Need More Lithium - Bloomberg | Catholic employers win injunction against contraception mandate - California Catholic Daily | 16, 18, & 20 inch NAECA Compliant Gas Residential Water Heaters - Bradford White (PDF) ... I don't know if they have the equivalent in electric | Federal Judge Wants to Return Chinese Drywall Lawsuits to Original States - Claims Journal

Sat. 4/07/18: Top 20% of Americans Will Pay 87% of Income Tax - WSJ | Scott Pruitt Will End EPA’s Use Of ‘Secret Science’ To Justify Regulations - Daily Caller; & Obama EPA Officials Protest Scott Pruitt’s ‘Secret Science’ Reforms ~ Here’s Why They’re Wrong - Daily Signal | Exploiting people & emergency laws against price gouging are both wrong - Jay Richards | Magnolia Silos & Restaurant in Waco, Texas (owned by Chip & Joanna Gaines) - Less Junk, More Journey | “Great Read” Says Twitter’s CEO About Article Advocating Eradication of the Right - RedState ... Twitter's CEO, a perfect example of the "tolerant" left

Fri. 4/06/18: 1245: The last of the snow on the front yard has melted away (except for the shoveled snow and from a snow blower). 0434: NWS: High Wind Warning is Cancelled - See 0434 Below | Swedish Rhapsody (Midsummer Vigil) - Percy Faith (You Tube) | Energy minnow Bahrain just found 80 billion barrels of tight oil, as much as Russia’s entire reserve - Financial Post | Virgin Galactic Completes 1st Powered Test Flight Since Fatal 2014 Crash - | Pike Place Market (Seattle) Expansion by Miller Hull - Architectural Record | Sport Fishing For King Salmon Restricted In The Juneau Area April 1 - June 14 - ADF&G, Issued Mar. 29

Thur. 4/05/18: 1255: First Robin of 2018 seen on the front yard | 1526: NWS: High Wind Warning now in effect until 10 AM ADT Friday morning - See 1526 Below | Notice of Proposed Issuance of an Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit to Discharge to Waters of the United States - National Marine Fisheries Service - Juneau - State of Alaska ... A few details below | SECON will re-initiate work on Glacier Hwy from Fritz Cove Rd. to Seaview Ave. in the beginning of April - SECON on Facebook

Wed. 4/04/18: 1517: NWS: High Wind Warning in effect from 4 AM to 6 PM ADT Thursday - See 1517 Below | Can Tesla refuse to do a NHTSA mandated safety recall for airbags on cars it deems as unsupported? - Rich Rebuilds (You Tube) ... Some profanity in the comments | Hands On: Replacing a Tower at North Pole (KJNP, North Pole, Alaska) - Radio World | Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update Late March 2018 - California Dept. of Water Resources (You Tube)

Tue. 4/03/18: 0629: Now Available: The March 2018 Monthly Report and the updated Weather Database | NWS Summary of March 2018 Weather in Southeast Alaska - See Below | March continues abnormally dry conditions in northern Southeast Alaska - Juneau Empire | Would-be carjackers foiled in Seattle, couldn't drive stick shift - CBS News from 2014 | NASA Hires Lockheed Martin to Build Quiet Supersonic X-Plane - | DOT&PF Notice of Project Update: AMHS Gustavus Ferry Terminal Improvements Project - State of Alaska

Mon. 4/02/18: Seattle area: ‘Enough is enough’: Some local homeowners say this year’s property-tax increase will force them to move - The Seattle Times

SUNDAY 4/01/18: Happy Easter! - Resurrection Sunday ~ Resurrection of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ: Luke 24: 6 "He is not here (in the tomb), but is risen!" | Handel's Messiah - 2018 Easter Concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Up through Mon., April 9th; I Can Only Imagine - One Voice Children's Choir; Be Thou My Vision - Elenyi ... All on You Tube | The March Monthly Report will be posted April 3rd

Sat. 3/31/18: 1728: Did I just see a Hummingbird out of the corner of my eye? | Derelict boat bill moving through the Legislature - KRBD ... I totally agree with Mr. Deering. Freedom Dying: Death by a thousand cuts, never-ending, and one step at a time. All for some "well meaning good" with the end result being the highest aspiration, freedom, destroyed.

Fri. 3/30/18: Good Friday - The crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died on the cross and took the punishment for our sins | Treaty of Alaska Purchase signed March 30, 1867 by U.S. Secretary of State William Henry Seward | Be Thou My Vision - Webb Family Music (Violin & Harp) | Lucas the Spider - "Encore!" (You Tube)

Thur. 3/29/18: Maundy Thursday - Wikipedia | Passiontide Chronology: Holy Thursday - Msgr. Charles Pope, Arch Diocese of Washington | Late-March snowstorm almost equals month’s average - Juneau Empire

Wed. 3/28/18: Covers of Ed Sheeran's Perfect: by Amadeus - (Violin, Cello, & Piano); by Paul Hankinson (Piano, Wedding version featuring Pachelbel's Canon); and by Mathias Fritsche (Piano, Orchestra) | Scientists record volcanic thunder for the first time - KTOO

Tue. 3/27/18: 1500: NWS: Winter Storm Warning for Snow is Cancelled - See 1500 Below, 0836 Below, & 0543 Below | NWS: Record Daily Snowfall at the Juneau Airport on Mon., March 26th - See 0347 Below | State and Local Income, Sales and Property Taxes All Hit Records in 2017 - CNS News | The Big Inch (Pipeline): Fueling America’s WWII War Effort - NIST Blog ... “Without the prodigious delivery of oil from the U.S.,” stated historian Keith Miller in his article How Important Was Oil in World War II?, “this global war [WWII], quite frankly, could never have been won.”


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