Sat. 11/18/17: Charade - Henry Mancini ... Title track of the 1963 motion picture "Charade" | Chariots of Fire - 2CELLOS (both on You Tube) | Waymo testing both self-driving cars & civil law, Here’s how to confuse a self-driving car, & Autonomous cars don’t make sense for the rest of us ... all three at Driving

Fri. 11/17/17: 2048 AST: NWS: Winter Storm Warning will Expire at 9 PM AST this evening - See 2048 Below | China To Christians: Worship Your New Messiah — Or Starve - Hot Air | Due to a crew shortage, the M/V Fairweather has canceled its November 17th sailing - See 1132 Below | Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update, November 13, 2017 - DWR (You Tube) .... Watch for something special. :-)

Thur. 11/16/17: 1421: NWS: Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from Midnight tonight to 9 PM AST Friday - See 1421 Below | Public Tours: U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Healy, 1 to 4 p.m. today, Cruise Ship Terminal | Kurt Goff Live - Longtime Christian radio broadcaster brings you 6 hrs. of music, inspiring devotional insights, & faith-infused conversation with callers. Nightly 8 PM - 2 AM, Moody Radio, 96.7 & 88.5 FM, Channel 874 on GCI Cable | Due to forecasted storm-force winds & high seas, the M/V Tustumena will delay its Nov. 16th Homer departure by 24 hours - See 1317 Below

Wed. 11/15/17: 1521: NWS: Winter Storm Watch in effect from late Thursday night through late Friday night - See 1521 Below | Public Tours: U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Healy, Wednesday and Thursday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Cruise Ship Terminal | San Francisco's Chinese community fights recreational marijuana sales in city - LA Times ... Kudos to them... And then we have alcohol and dope crazed Alaska

Tue. 11/14/17: 1532: NWS: Next Possible Snow Event Thursday night & Friday - See 1532 Below | 1138: NWS: High Wind Warning will Expire at Noon AST today - See 1138 Below | 0450: NWS: High Wind Warning remains in effect until Noon AST today - See 0450 Below | Want to own a ‘Forbidden’ sci-fi icon? Robby the Robot is going up for auction - Digital Trends | Spokane Public Schools Says No to Planned Parenthood Curriculum - LifeNews | The Aston Martin Lagonda: Richard Vaughan takes us through a tour of his Aston Martin Lagonda & Classics Revealed: The 1984 Aston Martin Lagonda rides again (You Tube - as usual some profanity in the comments) .... My all-time favorite automobile, especially the earlier years; But.... See Below

Mon. 11/13/17: 1429: NWS: High Wind Warning remains in effect from 6 PM this evening to Noon AST Tuesday - See 1429 Below | Notice of proposed changes in regulations dealing with voter registration, how names appear on ballots, federal write in absentee ballots & the official election pamphlet - State of Alaska | Flood-Hardy Wall Construction - Journal of Light Construction | Due to forecasted high winds & seas in Lynn Canal, the M/V Aurora will cancel its Haines/Skagway/Juneau sailing for Tues., Nov. 14, 2017 - See 1417 Below | Juneau Empire's article on the recent snowfalls

SUNDAY 11/12/17: 1543: NWS: High Wind Watch in effect from Monday evening through Tuesday morning - See 1543 Below | Southeast and Beyond - The Amalga Chamber Orchestra, 3 PM today at Northern Light Church - 400 W. 11th Street | ESPN Preps for More Layoffs as Cordcutting Woes Continue - DSL Reports | Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S. - WSJ

Sat. 11/11/17: Veterans Day | Observances at 11 AM at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center and at 11:30 AM at the Southeast Alaska Native Veterans Memorial Park - Warrior St. (off Willoughby Ave.)

Fri. 11/10/17: Federal, State, & Local Holiday in recognition of Veterans Day tomorrow, November 11th | 1103: NWS: Winter Weather Advisory in effect until Midnight AST tonight.... The Winter Storm Warning is Cancelled - See 1103 Below | Dramatic Tricare Drug Cost Hike Advances in Congress & How the 2018 Tricare Changes Impact Tricare for Life Users - | Haines residents, representatives push back on local government drone use - KHNS .... Good for them

Thur. 11/09/17: 1508: NWS: Winter Storm Warning in effect from 6 AM Friday to Midnight AST Friday night; the Winter Storm Watch is no longer in effect - See 1508 Below | There was bit of faint - very weak Aurora Borealis last night | Northern Lights Create Dazzling Display Over the Midwest - The Weather Channel | #northernlights - Twitter || Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall - DSL Reports | CPSC Notice | Kidde Recall entry page || Alaska weather forecasting getting an upgrade with launch of next-gen satellite - KTOO

Wed. 11/08/17: "Beautiful burst" of Aurora visible at 0350 from at least the Mendenhall Valley | Geophysical Institute's Auroral Forecast page | Happy Trails - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans (You Tube) | Gender discrimination training mandatory before UA admissions - Must Read Alaska | Chevy Bolt - Why is it the Uncool Electric Car? - Doug DeMuro (You Tube) .... Some crude and profane comments unfortunately.... Mendenhall Auto Center seemingly has no interest in the Chevy Volt or the Chevy Bolt

Tue. 11/07/17: 0842: The High Wind Warning will Expire at 9 AM AST this morning - See 0842 Below | NWS: A High Wind Warning is in effect until 9 AM AST Thursday - See 2048 11/06 Below | NASA Has More Evidence Volcanic Activity Is Heating Up Antarctica’s Ice Sheet - Daily Caller | Aurora Borealis in the evening

Mon. 11/06/17: 2048: NWS: A High Wind Warning is in effect until 9 AM AST Thursday - See 2048 Below | Due to forecasted high winds and seas in North Lynn Canal, the M/V Aurora will cancel its Haines/Skagway/Juneau sailing for Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - See 1027 Below | Planetarium fundraises for new projector - Juneau Empire | Marie Drake Planetarium

SUNDAY 11/05/17: Alaska Standard Time - Did you set your clocks back one hour? :-) | NWS: Strong Autumn Storm to affect Southeast Alaska tonigh through Tuesday afternoon - See 1437 Below | Cassettes are making a comeback in the music industry - WSJ | I've Changed - Katie Carney (You Tube) ... A young woman's Christian faith journey

Sat. 11/04/17: Alaska Daylight Time ~ Remember to Set Your Clocks Back 1 Hour Tonight for the Change to Standard Time | NWS: Strong Marine Winds between late Sunday night and early Tuesday morning - See 1631 Below | Tesla Shipped Cars Without Seats And Digital Displays: Report - Jalopnik (More articles at the site) | A Tesla Roadtrip - The Fun and Budget Act (You Tube) ... Unfortunately some profanity in the comments; and this is not a recommendation regarding her writings | Meteor Activity Outlook for November 4-10, 2017 - American Meteor Society

Fri. 11/03/17: Due to a mechanical issue, M/V Kennicott service will be temporarily suspended November 4th after the vessel arrives in Ketchikan - See 1617 Below | Some Douglas residents could be without water for up to nine hours Monday - KINY | Millennium Tower in San Francisco keeps on sinking, but there may be a fix - SFGATE | Seattle's SR 99 Tunnel Fly-Through Video Shows Off Current Work Post-Bertha - ENR & Fly the SR 99 tunnel – from the Space Needle to the stadiums - WSDOT on You Tube | Communism’s Bloody Century ~ In the 100 years since Lenin’s coup in Russia, the ideology devoted to abolishing markets and private property has left a long, murderous trail of destruction - WSJ ... It was also (still is) an atheistic ideology devoted to destroying the Church

Thur. 11/02/17: 0630: Now Available: The October 2017 Monthly Report, and the updated Weather Database | Cruise industry’s Juneau lawsuit could set wider precedent - KTOO & Case Documents .... Just admit you're wrong CBJ Assembly | On You Tube: Oroville Spillway Flyover November 1, 2017, 7:30 a.m. - CA DWR; Milestone reached in reconstruction of the Oroville Dam Spillway & LiveCopter 3 pilot: Oroville Spillway progress ‘simply amazing’ - KCRA Sacramento | Sign up for CBJ Air Emergency (Mendenhall Valley) Text Notifications - CBJ | Danny Boy - Edd Carney (You Tube)

Wed. 11/01/17: NWS: Strong Northerly Outflow Winds & Colder Temperatures Wednesday through Thursday - See 0502 Below | 1114: Due to dense fog in Wrangell Narrows, the M/Vs Kennicott and Columbia are delayed until conditions improve - See 1114 Below | NWS Summary of September 2017 Weather in Southeast Alaska - See Below

Tue. 10/31/17: 500th Anniversary of the Reformation - October 31, 1517 | All Saints' Day Eve | NWS: Strong Northerly Outflow Winds & Cold Temperatures Wednesday through Thursday - See 2349 Below | A Mighty Fortress is our God - Words and music by Martin Luther | 500 Years Ago Today, Western Civilization Was Changed FOREVER - Seth Connell | Tesla Solar Roof And Energy Business Narrative Continues To Fall Apart - Seeking Alpha; Discussion on the Contractor Talk Forum

Mon. 10/30/17: ‘Just say no’: Red Ribbon Rally returns in the age of "legal"* marijuana, opioid crisis - Juneau Empire .... Amen to Bill Burk's comment. More below *It is still illegal under Federal Law which always trumps state law; regardless of the "Cole Memo" issued under ex-President B.O.'s term. | Gold Creek Flume Trail closed by landslide, and reports and updates from other areas around town - Juneau Empire

SUNDAY 10/29/17: 1154: NWS: Dense Fog Advisory will Expire at Noon ADT today - See 1154 Below | The Wedding Song (There is Love) - The original by Noel Paul Stookey & by Mary MacGregor (You Tube) | We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters (You Tube) | Churches celebrate 500-year anniversary of Reformation - Juneau Empire (Thank you Juneau Empire for doing the article)

Sat. 10/28/17: NWS: A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect from 1 AM to 10 AM ADT Sunday - See 1537 Below | NWS: The Flood Warning for Small Streams from Heavy Rainfall will Expire at 10 PM ADT Oct. 27 for Jordan Creek - See 2150 10/27 Below; NWS 48 hr. Rainfall Reports - See 0518 Below; NWS: Record Daily Maximum Rainfall set at Juneau International Airport on October 27 - See 0445 Below | State of AK: DOT/PF M&O seeks interested avalanche specialists available to provide annual avalanche training & forecasting for Thane Road & DNR Prelim. Decision to issue Permit to CBJ for Deposit of Dredged Material in Auke Bay | Import Tariff Threatens Booming U.S. Solar Industry - ENR Viewpoint | Contractors Should Update Drug-Use Policies as More States "Legalize" Marijuana - ENR | Juneau Has Heavy Rain and Flooding - KINY | Juneau Flooding Facebook page (established Oct. 27)

Fri. 10/27/17: 1314: NWS: Flood Warning has been extended until 10 PM Friday for Small Streams from Heavy Rainfall... Around Jordan Creek - See 1314 Below, 0911 Below & 0827 Below | NWS: 1429: Small Stream Flood Advisory remains in effect until 7 PM ADT Friday - See 1429 Below, See also 0916 & 0611 Below; Rainfall Reports - See 0604 Below; Record Rainfall in Sitka on Tues., Sept. 26th - See 0415 Below | Why are there so many seagulls in the channel? - Juneau Empire | Diesel prices are going up and you can thank the White House - Hot Air | ACLU Once Again Proves it Wants Free Speech Rights for Everyone Except Christians - RedState | Yes, It Is Possible To Get Your Flu Shot Too Soon - NPR | 0826: Gastineau Channel is muddy from Gold Creek | AK DOT&PF is receiving reports of flooding & small landslides across Juneau due to the heavy rain - Facebook ... See Juneau Community Facebook page for an example of a flooded lane on Douglas Hwy. and other flooding pics. (Fixed by 1104) | CBJ has closed the bridge at Gold Cr. on Calhoun Ave., right at the entrance of Cope Park. Due to a mudslide, water flow has been diverted and is "washing out" the bridge - CBJ Facebook (with pic.) Also see Juneau Empire on Facebook for a video there & also ones at Jordan Cr. | Flooding Downtown & More Flooding Downtown (So. Franklin) & Downtown Juneau and Thane Flooding - Erich's Alaska Channel - You Tube & More pics. | Montana Creek flowing over road | Juneau Empire's article on the effects of today's rain; KINY's article; KTOO's article

Thur. 10/26/17: 1436: NWS: A Small Stream Flood Advisory is in effect for Heavy Rainfall until 7 PM ADT Friday; the Flood Watch has been replaced by this Advisory - See 1436 Below | Weather Service issues flood watch - Juneau Empire | The M/V Fairweather sailing for Thursday, Oct. 26, is canceled due to forecasted high winds & seas outside of safe operating parameters - See 2101 10/25 Below | Police Push Tracking for Civilian Drones & CNN Awarded First FAA Waiver Allowing Drone Flights Over Crowds & Presidential order gives local areas leeway to test drones - Bloomberg

Wed. 10/25/17: 1803: NWS: Flood Watch in effect from Thursday afternoon through Friday evening - See 1803 Below | 0428: NWS: Watch for black ice on area roads & sidewalks... See 0428 Below | 0613: NWS: Significant Heavy Rain Event to affect Southeast Alaska - See 0613 Below | Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Academy | Museum of the Bible - Opens Nov. 2017 in Washington, D.C. | State of AK, Dept. of Environmental Conservation RFQ to conduct an environmental investigation at the site of a 2011 oil spill at a house on 2nd St. in Douglas ... Above ground heating oil tank systems have problems too | Aurora Borealis was visible overnight at around Midnight to 2 AM

Tue. 10/24/17: 1447: NWS: Significant Heavy Rain Event to affect Southeast Alaska - See 1447 Below | ‘Bioblitz’ turns up no new non-native aquatics in the Valdez, Alaska area - Alaska Journal of Commerce | What’s the history of the Quonset huts on Atlin Drive? - KTOO | Something different than my normal links: Updated: New Way I Sleep In My Car - Katie Carney on You Tube | Insurance Verification Service - Amended Solicitation - State of AK .... So is it DMV or Dept. of Health & Social Services now? It's DMV .... See Oct. 5 Below & See Below for Details of the Major Amendments; State of AK Dept. of Administration Amendment to Solicitation for DMV Insurance Verification Service (139 Kb, PDF)

Mon. 10/23/17: Louisville Mega Cavern | 3 Otherworldly Caves in Slovenia | 7 Cool Places Under The Ground In Eastern Europe | Salina Turda Salt Mine in Romania - Website; This enormous underground salt mine in Romania has been converted into an incredible amusement park - Business Insider

SUNDAY 10/22/17: Is church still relevant today? - Rev. Dan Wiese, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene

Sat. 10/21/17: Living in an Airstream for a Year ~ Lessons Learned - The More We Explore (You Tube) | Alaska related publications from the Government Publishing Office | KTOO's article on the power outage downtown yesterday | RFP: AMHS Replacement of the Controllable Pitch Propeller System (CPP) on the M/V Columbia & Design Services for AMHS Tenakee Springs Ferry Terminal Improvements - State of AK

Fri. 10/20/17: Winter Road Maintenance Priority Map - State of AK | Alaska Airlines Club 49 members can now ship 100 pounds of cargo for $10 within 24 hours of travel - CISION PR Newswire | The Garage Journal | Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat | One Woman's Fight With Juneau's Trash - Juneau Empire on You Tube, the Empire article, & Leticia McRae's Community Clean Up in Progress Facebook page

Thur. 10/19/17: Air Crane used to Deliver GCI's 3,300-mile Broadband Network to Alaska Villages - ENR (Good article) | World Olympians Assoc. CEO Proposal to Microchip Athletes Spawns CAMCAT - Citizens Against Marking, Chipping & Tracking | Dr. Katherine Albrecht - Facebook | 3-D Quantum Gas Atomic Clock Offers New Dimensions in Measurement - NIST | Power lines & electrical equipment are a leading cause of California wildfires - LA Times | Morning Has Broken - Dana Winner (You Tube)


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