Mon. 1/22/18: Rally for Life 2018 - Noon to 1 PM at the Capitol Building; Alaskans For Life | Snowfall - Doris Day (You Tube)

SUNDAY 1/21/18: 1326: NWS: Snow impacting portions of Southeast Alaska late Sunday night through Monday - See 1326 Below | State ferry Taku sold to Dubai based company ~ Stories wanted - KTUU | Storm Surge at High Tide, Ocean Park, Washington, 1 PM Jan. 18, 2018 - Joshua Wilkins (You Tube) | Rally for Life 2018 - Noon to 1 PM, Monday, January 22nd at the Capitol Building; Alaskans For Life

Sat. 1/20/18: NWS: Snow potentially impacting portions of Southeast Alaska Sunday night & Monday - See 1147 Below | Huge Crowd In DC Friday At ‘March For Life’ (Not That You’ll Hear Much About It) - RedState | Juneau Hydropower Inc. Sweetheart Lake Project; The USFS Special Use Permit issued Nov. 30, 2017 (PDF) | How a Government Shutdown Impacts Pay, Benefits - | Tricare Prescription Costs (Going up Feb. 1st) -; Tricare Prescription Drug Copays on the Rise - AARP

Fri. 1/19/18: 1046: NWS: Freezing Drizzle Advisory will Expire at 11 AM AST this morning - See 1046 Below | State DOT/PF Update on Juneau Egan Drive Resurfacing - Main to 10th Street Project; Partial Drawings | Steve Gibson's "InSpectre" vulnerability and performance checker for Meltdown & Spectre | Alaska leads nation in legislative staff per capita - Emily Carlson at KTVA | NWS: Record High Temperatures set at the Sitka (Tied with 1965), and Yakutat airports on January 16th - See 1614 1/17 Below | Due to a mechanical issue, the M/V Columbia will cancel its runs for January 19-25, 2018 - See 1610 Below

Thur. 1/18/18: More Frost formed overnight | March From The River Kwai (Arnold) and Colonel Bogey March - From the 1958 motion picture Bridge on the River Kwai - Mitch Miller & his Orchestra (You Tube) ... See Below | About Those “Polar Lava Tubes” (on the Moon) When is a discovery not a discovery? When it’s just plain wrong. - Air & Space Smithsonian | Tim Cook: 'Maybe we should have been clearer' over iPhone throttling - ZDNet | How to Downgrade Windows 10 & Reinstall Windows 7 - MakeTechEasier

Wed. 1/17/18: Frost slowly formed during the day and moisture on decks, streets, and sidewalks turned to ice | When 136 Bird Species Show Up at a Feeder, Which One Wins? - All About Birds (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) || 40 Percent Of Kids Now Born To Single Moms—Up 700 Percent Since 1960 - National Economics Editorial | Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives - Mallory Millett (sister of Kate Millett); Kate Millett - Wikipedia || 4, 6, 8 Cylinder Engines, CAFE, & Affordability - EP Autos | New state temperature record for January - KTOO | NWS: Record High Temperatures set at the Sitka (Tied with 1965), and Yakutat airports on January 16th - See 1614 Below

Tue. 1/16/18: 30th Alaska State Legislature ~ 2nd Session, convenes at 1 PM today | NWS: Record High Temperatures at the Annette & Sitka Airports for January 15th, 2018 - See 0347 Below | NWS: Record High Temperatures for Mon., January 15th - See 0511 Below | U.S. oil industry set to break production record, upend global trade - Reuters | Big Brother on wheels: Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse. - Washington Post

Mon. 1/15/18: M. L. King Jr. Day - Federal, State, & Local Holiday | NWS: Record High Temperatures for January 14th - See 0340 Below & 0538 Below | Ford jumping on the electric vehicle bandwagon - Bloomberg via Industry Week

SUNDAY 1/14/18: The remainder of the Snowfall from January 11th - 12th melted away overnight except for the shoveled, blown, and plowed snow | NWS: Record High Tied at Sitka for January 13th - See 0338 Below | Notice of adopted changes to the Regulations regarding the Administration of Elections; PDF - State of AK | Dinner In The Sky Romania (Facebook); Dinner In The Sky - Romania

Sat. 1/13/18: 1543: NWS: Winter Weather Advisory for Freezing Rain will Expire at 4 PM AST this afternoon - See 1543 Below | 0902: NWS: Nowcast for Light Freezing Drizzle - See 0902 Below | 0754: NWS: Heavy Rain over Snowpack and Rising Snow Levels will make travel hazardous - See 0754 Below | 0437: NWS: Winter Storm Warning will Expire at 5 AM AST early this morning - See 0437 Below

Fri. 1/12/18: 1542: NWS: Winter Storm Warning for 4" - 9" of Snow remains in effect until 5 AM AST Saturday - See 1542 Below | Marijuana school suspensions in Anchorage more than doubled after legalization - Charles Wohlforth on the new problem of marijuana and the continuing problem of alcohol ... (Amen) | 19 Insane Tidbits From James Damore’s Lawsuit About Google’s Office Environment - The Federalist ... The article quotes communications that contain obscene language. | Due to predicted storm force winds and high seas, the M/V Tustumena will cancel sailings for Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 13-14 - See 1304 Below

Thur. 1/11/18: 1329: NWS: Winter Storm Warning for 4" - 8" of Snow remains in effect from Noon Friday to 5 AM AST Saturday - See 1329 Below | Canada launches trade complaint against US over duties on softwood lumber, other products - AP | Twitter 'Shadow Banning' - Blocks Opposing Views - Project Veritas | Home Improvement Resource Guide - ReviewLab | Winter storm warning issued for Juneau, Gustavus and Haines - KTOO; Juneau Empire's Article

Wed. 1/10/18: NWS: Winter Storm Watch for 4" - 8" of Snow in effect from Friday afternoon through late Friday night - See 1542 Below | Wisdom of the day! - See Below | A couple plays the Pink Panther movie theme by foot on the street (You Tube) ... Few foul words in the comments

Tue. 1/09/18: Storm, steering problem hit Southeast ferry service - KTOO | To Understand Trump Talk, You Must Speak Outer Borough ... "Last week, actor Scott Baio explained a very important fact about President Trump’s rhetorical style." - The Federalist

Mon. 1/08/18: Sand dunes in the Sahara Desert blanketed with 15 inches of Snow on January 7th - Daily Express (UK) | What Happens When You Don't Build Natural Gas Pipelines? (Referring to the NE USA in particular) - Forbes | Radically new way to measure change in total ocean heat used in new study - The Daily Caller | House committee to look at new FISA bill this week - Hot Air | The M/V Columbia resumed service last night & will operate on a modified schedule through Thursday of this week - See 0936 Below | Due to predicted 50-knot storm force winds & high seas for Northern Lynn Canal tomorrow, the M/V LeConte will cancel its Juneau-Haines-Juneau run on Tue., Jan. 9th - See 1012 Below

SUNDAY 1/07/18: 1523: NWS: Dense Fog Advisory now in effect until 9 PM AST this evening - See 1523 Below | Seattle's Space Needle renovation project construction update from 500 feet in the air - GeekWire on You Tube | Oklahoma! ~ Motion Picture Soundtrack - Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein (You Tube) | The M/V Columbia is holding station today in Ketchikan due to a mechanical issue. Sailings are delayed - See 1244 Below

Sat. 1/06/18: Epiphany ~ 12th Day of Christmas | 0850: New Snow has fallen overnight and currently is falling on the mountains | Juneau Empire's article on the weather in 2017 | An article by Craig Medred about Sturgeon v. Frost, Alaska Regional Director of the National Park Service, et al.: Back to Court - Craig Medred News

Fri. 1/05/18: Does It Snow In Space? - Live Science | Alaska marijuana board issues consumer alert amid testing issues - ADN | Public Service Announcement: Marijuana Testing Inconsistencies - State of Ak (PDF) | 6 ways journalists can use press releases effectively - Poynter Institute ... Good read for those by a radio tower at Salmon Cr. | A study of hype in press releases - ScienceNews

Thur. 1/04/18: AEL&P's Telephone Hill Tunnel: KTOO's article and video ... My notes below | New England Wanted To Use All Renewable Energy… Then It Got Cold - Hot Air | U.S. Attorney General ending Pres. Obama's federal policy that let "legal" marijuana flourish - AP ... A policy that repudiated the reality of federal law ("Yeah, it's the law but we'll act as if it didn't exist if you adhere to our 'Cole Memo.'") | Ferry Taku sale set for Jan. 19, but its future is uncertain - KTOO

Wed. 1/03/18: 0634: Now Available: The December 2017 Monthly Report, the 2017 Yearly Report, and the updated Weather Database | Badly strained UK hospitals to delay non-urgent procedures - AP via Yahoo | Successful Farming Special: Former Grain Traders Pick Themselves Up Off the Floor - .... Did You Know? ~ The first root to emerge from a corn seed is called the radicle. | - Must Read Alaska

Tue. 1/02/18: NWS Summary of December 2017 Weather in Southeast Alaska - See Below || NWS: Record Low Temperatures in SE Alaska: For Sun., Dec. 31, 2017- See 0658 1/01 Below; For Sat., Dec. 30, 2017 - See 0622 12/31/17 Below; For Fri. Dec. 29, 2017 - See 0624 12/30/17 Below; For Thur. Dec. 28, 2017 - See 0638 12/29/17 Below || The Snow from Dec. 31 - Jan. 1 melted away today except for the shoveled, blown, and plowed snow.

Mon. 1/01/18: New Year's Day! - Federal, State, & Local Holiday | 1154: NWS: Winter Weather Advisory will Expire at Noon AST today - See 1154 Below | 0856: NWS: Winter Weather Advisory in effect until Noon AST today... Winter Storm Warning is Cancelled - See 0856 Below | 0455: NWS: Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 9 AM AST this morning - See 0455 Below | The December 2017 Monthly Report & the 2017 Yearly Report will be posted (I hope) on January 3rd

SUNDAY 12/31/17: 1518: NWS: Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for 6" - 8" of Heavy Snow from 6 PM this evening to 9 AM AST Monday - See 1518 Below | NWS: Record Low Temperatures at several places in SE Alaska for Saturday, December 30, 2017 - See 0622 Below | Win Gruening's article on the cruise ship lawsuit at Must Read Alaska ... Posted as an alternative to going to the Juneau Empire (By the way, I totally agree with the gist of Kayak's comment)

Sat. 12/30/17: 1542: NWS: Winter Storm Watch in effect from Sunday afternoon through Monday morning - See 1542 Below | 0453: NWS: Accumulating Snow likely Sunday night and Monday morning - See 0453 Below | NWS: Record Low Temperatures in SE Alaska for December 29, 2017 - See 0624 Below | A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance - Apple ... $29 Battery Replacement offer good through Dec. 2018 | Apple Offers $29 Battery Replacements After PR Disaster - DSL Reports | A Historical Pictorial of the Construction of Glacier Highway

Fri. 12/29/17: NWS: Record Low Temperatures in SE Alaska for December 28, 2017 - See 0638 Below | Oil Resurrection Sets Stage for Another OPEC-Shale Clash in 2018 - Bloomberg; Oil prices surged to 2-1/2-year highs & U.S. crude touched $60/bbl on Tuesday, boosted by news of an explosion on a Libyan pipeline as well as voluntary OPEC-led cuts - Reuters; Saudi Arabia said to expect oil revenue to increase 80% by 2023 - World Oil | Is Juneau digging a deeper hole in cruise line lawsuit? - Win Gruening for the Juneau Empire ... My notes below

Thur. 12/28/17: Update at 1145: Wind Direction Vane is freely moving now; 0620: Wind Direction Vane seems to be Frozen - Doesn't move nearly as freely as it should | My Cup Runneth Over - Ed Ames (You Tube) | Christmas with Ed Ames (You Tube) | EMI/QRM From Solar Microinverters -

Wed. 12/27/17: Wind Direction Vane seems to be Frozen - Doesn't move nearly as freely as it should | Legalized Marijuana in Canada Worries Contractors - ENR | How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration - Peter Beinart, at The Atlantic; The Problem of Identity Politics & Its Solution - Imprimis article by Matthew Continetti, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Free Beacon

Tue. 12/26/17: Wind Direction Vane seems to be Frozen - Doesn't move nearly as freely as it should | The 2018 Tide Table for Juneau, Alaska is now available - This is at a temporary address until January 1st, 2018 when it will revert to the normal URL | “Transportation as a service” ~ Only $600 Per Month to “Subscribe”!; Upsides & Downsides to Electric Cars; Automated Cars = Slow ... All at Eric Peters Autos

Mon. 12/25/17: Christmas Day ~ Celebrating the birth of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ ~ Merry Christmas everyone! | All is Well - The Nashville Children's Choir; The First Nowell - Kenyan Girls Choir & Gospel Center International; Joy to the World - George Fox University ... All on You Tube | RV Solar Installation - Series by I'm Not Lost I'm RVing (You Tube) | The 2018 Tide Table for Juneau, Alaska is now available - This is at a temporary address until January 1st, 2018 when it will revert to the normal URL

SUNDAY 12/24/17: 4th Sunday in Advent ~ Christmas Eve | 0224: Some weak Aurora Borealis | Silent Night - Sissel (You Tube) | Europe: The Islamization of Christmas - by Soeren Kern - Gatestone Institute | You Raise Me Up - Sissel (You Tube)

Sat. 12/23/17: Nestlé Is Bailing From the U.S. Chocolate Business - Grub Street | Happy Holidays from the 'Blancolirio' Channel - Juan Browne .... Flashback to Oct. 18th: Oroville Update 18 Oct IMPORTANT The 2017/18 Ops Plan - Juan Browne


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