Sat. 4/29/17: 1st (small) Cruise Ship of the 2017 Visitor Season - the Wilderness Explorer | 2017 City-Wide & Wetlands Clean-Up is today - Sponsored by Litter Free Inc. | Mike Olbinski Photography - "Just your typical storm-chasing, wedding photographer" | On April 16th the Alaska House passed 38 to 1 (the Nay being Sam Kito of Juneau), with 1 excused, HJR 15 - Encouraging repeal of the REAL ID Act of 2005

Fri. 4/28/17: 2017 City-Wide & Wetlands Clean-Up is tomorrow, Sat. April 29th - Sponsored by Litter Free Inc. | 0949: A Gray-cheeked or Swainson's Thrush is in the backyard | Record number of cruise passengers expected in Juneau this summer - Juneau Empire | The Water Is Wide - The Seekers ... Sitmar's ships the Fairsea and Fairwind were frequent visitors to Juneau many, many moons ago but not their Fairsky | The Water Is Wide - Bill Mize & Martha Jacobs (Instrumental with nature sounds) from The Spirit of Alaska ~ The National Park Series | 1941 - 1945: Partial Rainbow to the NE - ENE

Thur. 4/27/17: Seattle just broke a 122-year-old record for rain — because of course it did - Seattle Times | DoorminatorŪ Door Handlers & Installation - Telpro Inc.

Wed. 4/26/17: 0946: Heard a Hummingbird in the backyard | Sonoluminescence - Wikipedia | Is Fusion Through Sonoluminescence Possible? - Mario Chapa | Downtown Street Improvement/ Franklin and Front Street Reconstruction - CBJ | City & Borough of Juneau Facebook page

Tue. 4/25/17: Update as to the location of the grass fire on Saturday, April 22 close to the Douglas Bridge - See 1549 4/22 Below

Mon. 4/24/17: Stranger On The Shore - Acker Bilk | There was a bit of Aurora Borealis last night | For debate: “You Are Not a Gadget” — Why Open Culture and Technocentric Philosophies Are Ruining Our Lives - Kent Anderson at The Scholarly Kitchen

SUNDAY 4/23/17: Aurora Borealis was seen at 0040, at other times when I looked during the night of April 22 - 23 the Aurora was minimal or not there | 0757: Three or four (or more) Golden-crowned Sparrows are on the ground on the street side of the house finding food, and one or more are singing. | NWS: New Record High Temperature for Skagway on April 22 - See 0835 Below | NWS: Record High Temperature in 3 places on April 22 and April 23 - See 1748 Below

Sat. 4/22/17: Aurora Borealis last night - 1st noticed at 2309 4/21, widespread at 0123, still going at 0237 and after 0300 | Income tax? Not until the state gets its house in order - By Bob Kaufman (ADN) | Dark skies could make for a spectacular Lyrid meteor shower this weekend - Astronomy Magazine and All you need to know: Lyrid meteors - EarthSky ... It peaked though on the night of April 21 - 22; I'm sorry for the late posting.

Fri. 4/21/17: 1917 Treadwell Mine cave-in remembered a century later - KTOO | United CEO: It’s the system that failed, not people - Hot Air | First Class Vs. Last Class? Airlines Bolster Premium Cabin, Skimp on Economy - WSJ | Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree (You Tube) | 100-year Anniversary of Treadwell Mine Cave-In, 5:30 PM at site

Thur. 4/20/17: 0700: I'm working on updating the NWS links that currently aren't working after their recent changes ... Update at 0848: I think all the links have been fixed; at least until they change them again. :-) | Snowy winter helps Eaglecrest finances - Ski area recoups 69 percent of expenses on its own, relies on city [taxpayers] for rest* - Juneau Empire ... *That's $700,000 dollars.

Wed. 4/19/17: How the Treadwell Mine collapsed April 21-22, 1917, 100 years ago - Paulette Simpson (Juneau Empire) | Douglas marks 100-year anniversary of the Treadwell Mine cave-in - Juneau Empire | We must stand up to the corrupt REAL-ID Act - Rep. Chris Tuck (Juneau Empire) & Alaska and the REAL-ID Act - Papers, Please! ... My comment below

Tue. 4/18/17: NWS: Record High Temperatures at (2) locations in SE Alaska on Mon., April 17 - See 0340 Below | Estimate your House Income Tax Bill - Alaska Senate Majority | 2017 Juneau Cruise Ship Schedule Calendar - CLA-Alaska | Sweetheart Creek - Notice For A Proposed Reservation Of Water by Ak. Dept. of Fish & Game | 1735: A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was spotted in the willow by the deck

Mon. 4/17/17: Real ID debate prompts fears about disclosure of Alaskans' Social Security numbers - ADN | Opinion: Alaska needs transparent process on Real ID - Val Van Brocklin (ADN) | Governor’s two-year road to getting an income tax - Must Read Alaska | HB-115 (Income Tax) Final Language as passed by the AK House of Representatives & its detail page at | Douglas Harbor reopens today (Mon., April 17) - Juneau Empire

SUNDAY 4/16/17: Happy Easter! - Resurrection Sunday ~ Resurrection of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ: Luke 24: 6 "He is not here (in the tomb), but is risen!" | Christ the Lord is Risen Today - Joslin Grove Choral Society; Because He Lives ["Live"] - Bill & Gloria Gaither ... Both on You Tube | NWS: Record High Temperatures Fri., April 14 in SE Alaska - See 0440 4/15 Below and on Sat., April 15 at (5) SE Alaska Co-op locations - See 2333 4/15 Below | Forgot to change your studded tires? Troopers say take them off - KTOO (The deadline was midnight April 14) | 0831: A Robin is on the front yard.

Sat. 4/15/17: DOT artillery defends Thane Road from avalanche threats - KTOO | University, city look to share Auke Bay Marine Station - Juneau Empire | Feds Collect Record Income and Payroll Taxes Through March--Still Run $526,855,000,000 Deficit - CNS News | 2017 Juneau Travel Fair, 12 PM to 4 PM at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center

Fri. 4/14/17: Good Friday - The Crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who paid for our sins | Luke Chapter 23 (NKJV) | The Old Rugged Cross: Sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford (You Tube); Sung by Alabama (God Tube) | NWS: Record High Temperatures in Southeast Alaska on Thur., April 13th - See 0315 Below | Overnight freezes still expected, even with warm sunny days in Juneau - KINY

Thur. 4/13/17: Maundy Thursday - Holy Week Activities for Kids | Video: Juneau, Alaska - 2015, by Travel Juneau (formerly the Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau) | NWS: Record High Temperatures in Southeast Alaska on Wed., April 12th - See 2315 4/12 Below | More Indian Country ahead — in downtown Juneau - Must Read Alaska

Wed. 4/12/17: FCC chairman seeks to keep voice-call ban on planes - USA Today | Jan Faiks, first woman to preside over Alaska Senate, has died - ADN | State-of-the-art cutter fortifies Coast Guard in Alaska - Adm. Charles Michel at ADN | M/V Tustumena is delayed departing the shipyard due to additional regulatory repair work requiring replacing steel in the car deck - See 1150 Below

Tue. 4/11/17: See Through Engine - 4K Slow Motion Visible Combustion (You Tube) | Full classrooms, "half"-empty schools - Juneau Empire (from Aug. 28, 2016) | IMF Working Paper: The Macroeconomics of De-Cashing - International Monetary Fund ... The relentless on-going push for a cashless society; this is not a trivial issue | Liberals will rue Becerra’s prosecution of Planned Parenthood video producers - Ben Boychuk

Mon. 4/10/17: An article on the 70th Anniversary in 2007 of the Golden Gate Bridge - SFGATE | Oil surplus or scarcity? Shale makes it even harder to predict - Reuters via | AEL&P: Bird top suspect in downtown power outage on Fri. April 7th - KTOO | CBJ starts work on downtown water main replacement - KTOO | Alaska Bound (by motorhome) - Gone with the Wynns (a multi-part series of written posts and videos) | At 1743 noticed that the Skunk Cabbage is starting to emerge from the ground.

SUNDAY 4/09/17: Palm Sunday - See Below | What Is Palm Sunday? | 'Windows as a service' means big, painful changes for IT pros - ZDNet | Gasholders at King's Cross (Apartments) - London

Sat. 4/08/17: Eaglecrest's last day for this season is tomorrow, April 9th; the "Slush Cup" is today... Registration will run from 10-12 and the competition starts at 1 pm | 0540 and still continuing at 0604 ADT: An Owl? is hooting in the distance? | Last of the shoveled - plowed snow melted away today

Fri. 4/07/17: By 1600: Buds are starting to appear on the Sitka willows in the backyard | 1814 to 1902: Power Outage downtown - See 1814 Below | MIG Welding 101 - Successful Farming | State DOT/PF Invitation to Bid: Douglas Highway Sidewalk Extension - Gastineau School to Lawson Cr. Road | Old-fashioned rest stops disappearing in Florida and other states - Tampa Bay Times

Thur. 4/06/17: 1947: A Robin singing in the distance? | Tunnel Boring Machine "Bertha" Breaks through in Seattle on Tuesday, April 4th at 11:26 AM PDT - Seattle Times

Wed. 4/05/17: Lockheed Martin: Cargo airship on track for Alaska delivery in 2019 - ADN | Counting the ways the 'towering figure' of John Schnabel molded Haines - ADN ... Article from 2016 ... My comment below | Big, Red and Tasteless: Why Tomatoes Lost Their Flavor - Live Science

Tue. 4/04/17: 1729: The Crocus are blooming next door | Grass Valley, California has had 76.18" of Precipitation since October 1, 2016 (start of their water year) and 49.76" since January 1, 2017

Mon. 4/03/17: M/V Lituya sailing schedule for April 4-6, 2017 is being revised due to forecast high winds - See 1250 Below | M/V LeConte sailing schedule for April 11, 2017 will include an additional stop in Gustavus to eliminate a freight backlog - See 1253 Below | How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? - Patti Page (You Tube) | Another video driving from West Juneau to the mainland; on a sunny clear day, Jan. 29, 2011, & starting from Foster Ave.: Driving around Juneau, Part A by sumitmaskay (You Tube) | NWS: Record Precipitation on Friday, March 31 at (7) locations in SE Alaska - See 1015 4/01 Below

SUNDAY 4/02/17: 5th Sunday in Lent | 0631: Now Available: The March 2017 Monthly Report, and the updated Weather Database | Glacier Hwy. Reconstruction – Fritz Cove Rd. to Seaview Ave. - "Project Information" | Looking back, looking forward - Win Gruening .... (I heartily agree)

Sat. 4/01/17: NWS Summary of March 2017 Weather in Southeast Alaska - See Below | SpaceX demonstrates rocket reusability with SES-10 launch and booster landing - SPACENEWS | Juneau Alaska driving down Blueberry Hill - jfstoyaz on YouTube ... From 3:41/3:42 where Cordova St. intersects Nowell Avenue, to the end of the video, is what we who live on Nowell see while walking or driving to downtown Juneau. Most of the roadway in the video is in much better shape now.

Fri. 3/31/17: Ask the Energy Desk: What about wave & tidal energy in Alaska? - KTOO | Construction pace speeds up on South Franklin St. - Juneau Empire | Upcoming State DOT/PF construction projects this year in Juneau - Juneau Empire ... Egan Drive 10th St. to Main St. this fall for $10 million; $13.8 million for Glacier Hwy. - Fritz Cove Rd. to Seaview Ave.; $400,000 sidewalk extension on upper side of Douglas Hwy. - Gastineau School to Crow Hill Drive | J Scott Armstrong: Fewer Than 1% of Papers in Scientific Journals Follow Scientific Method - Breitbart | Mt. Juneau Avalanche at about 0630 today (Behrends Ave. path) - Carole Triem on Facebook, taken from the Augustus Brown Pool parking lot | 1010: It appears Gold Creek is running muddy | Avalanche Control for Mt. Roberts above Thane Road from 2 - 4 PM this afternoon by State DOT/PF shooting from the Treadwell Mine site

Thur. 3/30/17: Seward's Day | M/V Lituya sailing schedule for today, March 30, & tomorrow, March 31, 2017 is being revised due to forecast high winds - See 1510 Below | Retiring worn-out wind turbines could cost billions that nobody has - Energy Central ... Editor: Wind turbines have been abandoned at Altamont Pass in California & South Point in Hawaii so abandonment has happened before; South Point was finally taken care of and Altamont Pass is in the process now | Flying a full size Radian glider in a small size park - Juan Browne's You Tube channel | 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Have Solar Panels on My Roof...Yet by Paul Mauldin at T&D World


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