Sat. 3/25/17: Power Line Work at Oroville Dam - California Dept. of Water Resources video on You Tube .... Note the catwalks being used

Fri. 3/24/17: Seaton introduces new income tax language from Governor Walker ... and this time it’s a whopper of an income tax bill - Must Read Alaska | In Juneau Empire: My Turn: Fake (State Budget) news prevalent in Alaska - by Bethany Marcum | As Condo Towers Get Taller, Elevators Rise to the Challenge - WSJ | Juneau - From 13,000 Feet - Photo by Ron Gile ... On Juneau Empire Facebook page

Thur. 3/23/17: Dmitri Shostakovich's Waltz No. 2 - Amadeus - The Electric String Quartet ... They aren't your stereotypical quartet! | Viva La Vida (Live at Arena di Verona) - 2Cellos ... Both on You Tube | Democrats in the AK House of Representatives & the Electoral College - Must Read Alaska ... One comment: "So basically, the voters in Alaska have no say in who gets elected. They just give their electoral votes to the majority from the other 49 states. People in Alaska should be outraged."

Wed. 3/22/17: South Franklin Street improvements resume - CBJ (PDF) | The machinery and system used to move and place the material in building Oroville Dam (You Tube) | Sears Plummets After Disclosure Sparks Concern That End Is Near - Bloomberg

Tue. 3/21/17: Work resumes on South Franklin Street - KTOO | Price of Oil Drops as U.S. Drilling Growth Threatens to Counter OPEC Cuts - Bloomberg | 9 things Costco employees want you to know - KCRA, Sacramento, CA | A chunk of Earth's original crust has been discovered in Canada - KCRA | How to make your own Honey Buns - Chickens in the Road | Self-driving cars are mostly getting better at navigating California’s public roads - recode | Video: USACE Geologists at Oroville Dam - on Twitter

Mon. 3/20/17: 1st Day of Spring - Vernal Equinox at 2:29 AM ADT | 0418: NWS: Winter Weather Advisory is Cancelled - See 0418 Below | An Article about Tontines - Washington Post .... Tontine - Wikipedia | Seattle’s ‘Bertha’ Pauses, Then Resumes Bore on Final Segment - ENR

SUNDAY 3/19/17: 3rd Sunday in Lent | 1544: NWS: A Winter Weather Advisory for 5" - 10" of Snow is in effect from 4 PM this afternoon to 10 AM ADT Monday - See 1544 Below | 1st Day of Spring is tomorrow with the Vernal Equinox at 2:29 AM ADT March 20.

Sat. 3/18/17: NWS: Potential for more Snow Sunday into Sunday night - See 0434 Below | U.S. Navy Uniforms - U.S. Navy Personnel Command | Military Connection ... (a private website) | Liar, liar - by Craig Medred on his site, (a few cuss words in it) .... About National Geographic's article on this winter in Alaska, the Iditarod, misinformation, agendas, and credibility

Fri. 3/17/17: Why are climate-change models so flawed? Because climate science is so incomplete - Boston Globe | March snowstorms create boom times for Eaglecrest Ski Area - KTOO | Liberty is not for wimps - Walter E. Williams - Anchorage Daily Planet | Saving Marie Curie’s Last Radium Standard - NIST

Thur. 3/16/17: It's unclear if Winter Snow Routes are being used today by the School District (they show it for Wed. 3/15) | 0735: KINY Radio reports that Capital Transit is on Winter Snow Routes until midnight today | NWS: Record Snowfall at the Juneau Airport on Tuesday, March 14 - See 1355 3/15 Below | NOAA to test tsunami warning system for Alaska on March 29 - Juneau Empire .... Editor (me): Risk of a tsunami event in Juneau is likely low from a faraway event, but if there is a localized cause that's another matter. | Alaska’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management | US soldiers train for jungle warfare at Hawaii rainforest - WTOP, Washington D.C. | Juneau sees record “dump” of snow Tuesday - Juneau Empire

Wed. 3/15/17: 0650: NWS: Winter Storm Warning will Expire at 7 AM ADT this morning - See 0650 Below | Today: School Buses are on Winter Routes (Google Doc) and Capital Transit is also using Winter Snow Routes (PDF) | Queen Mary’s SOS demands action to save the attraction - The Orange County (CA) Register Editorial

Tue. 3/14/17: 1448: NWS: Winter Storm Warning in effect until 7 AM ADT Wednesday - See 1448 Below | Turn Around - Rosemary Clooney and Keith Carradine (You Tube) | No snow day after overnight storm - Juneau Empire ... There's apparently more to the story about Douglas (2 buses, and for one of them it took an hour and a tow truck) - See posts on Juneau Community Collective on Facebook . And on another note - See Below | Juneau gets over a foot and a half of snow since Sunday, more on the way - KINY | Capital Transit is using Winter Snow Routes (PDF) today | 1715: I've corrected noaamo.txt and the previous day stats. where I neglected to post the snow and proper snow total for both Mar. 12 & 13. Noaayr.txt was OK. The help here (me) should be fired. :-)

Mon. 3/13/17: 1736: NWS: Winter Storm Warning will Expire at 6 PM ADT this evening - See 1736 Below | School Buses are on Winter Routes (Google Doc) today - they may be running late in some areas | Capital Transit is using Winter Snow Routes (PDF) today | Snow blankets Southeast, Juneau schools and city offices open, Capital Transit on winter routes - KINY | School buses stuck in snow, district pushes on despite parents’ disaproval - KTOO | Update: Tied-up ferry Taku is for sale - KTOO

SUNDAY 3/12/17: 2nd Sunday in Lent | Alaska Daylight Time - Have you set your clocks ahead 1 hour?! | 1550: NWS: Winter Storm Warning, now for 8" - 15"of Snow, is now in effect until 1 PM ADT Monday - See 1550 Below | Affordable Modular Multi-Family Housing for Juneau - Palm Harbor (modular) Homes ... Development is on Bresee St. in the Mendenhall Valley; CBJ Planning Commission June 24, 2014 Minutes relative the development - (PDF, start on Page 2) - CBJ

Sat. 3/11/17: Alaska Standard Time - Remember to set your clocks ahead 1 hour this evening for the change to Daylight Saving Time ... Spring Forward! | 1754: NWS: A Winter Storm Warning, for 8" - 22" of Snow now, remains in effect from 4 PM Sunday to 1 PM ADT Monday; the Winter Storm Watch is no longer in effect - See 1754 Below | 2035: NWS: The High Wind Warning will Expire at 9 PM AST this evening - See 2035 Below | The Feather River and Salmon below Oroville Dam - Fish Sniffer | M/V Taku Car / Passenger Ferry for Sale Through Sealed Bid - State of Ak Public Notices - See Info Below

Fri. 3/10/17: 1554: NWS: A (new) High Wind Warning is in effect from 3 AM to 9 PM AST Saturday - See 1554 Below | 0846: NWS: The High Wind Warning will Expire at 9 AM AST this morning - See 0846 Below | Are we living in a warm peak between ice ages? - Ned Rozell on SitNews | Alaska LLC Veil Piercing at Crossroads: A Chance to Get it Right - Joshua Fershee at Business Law Prof Blog ... Article is in regards to the legal action by CBJ against the Barretts, owners of the Gastineau Hotel property | 1612: NWS: Winter Storm Watch in effect from Sunday afternoon through Monday afternoon - See 1612 Below

Thur. 3/09/17: Douglas, Alaska Fire - March 9, 1911 - ... (Taken from the Daily Alaska Dispatch, Juneau, AK, 10 March 1911) | A piece about the State Budget: Our Rep. (Ketchikan area) Voting to Increase State Spending - by Rodney Dial, a Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly Member (his opinion does not necessarily represent the views of other assembly members)

Wed. 3/08/17: NWS: Record Lows set for (6) locations in Southeast Alaska from March 5 to March 7 - See 2336 3/07 Below | Alaska Waste to purchase Alaska Pacific Environmental Services - State of AK, RCA Public Notice | Biological response to climate change in the Arctic Ocean: the view from the past - Cronin, T.M. & Cronin, M.A. | Republicans Don’t Know What They Believe Any More - RedState

Tue. 3/07/17: 1140: NWS: The High Wind Warning will Expire at Noon AST today - See 1140 Below | House Republican Obamacare plan signals that liberalism has already won - Philip Klein | Hughes 500 Helicopter Walkaround (You Tube) | Spring king fishing canceled by emergency order; Spring King Salmon Derby set for May canceled by organizers - Juneau Empire | The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fish announced the king salmon regulations for the marine waters near Juneau - KINY

Mon. 3/06/17: Kitty On The Keys - Frank Mills (You Tube) | Stunning - unusual photos - Ugly Hedgehog Photography Forum (Link on page) | Info on the Jan. 22, 2017 USPS Postage Rate Increase - ... Better late than never in my posting it! | 4 Ways to Eat a Persimmon - wikiHow & How to eat a persimmon - The Guardian (UK)

SUNDAY 3/05/17: 1st Sunday in Lent

Sat. 3/04/17: Deadly Degrees: Why Heat Waves Kill So Quickly - Live Science | Air Conditioning Is a Human Right - Time | Commentary: Air conditioning is a matter of life and death - Chicago Tribune | Love is Blue - Paul Mauriat (Instrumental), Love is Blue - Al Martino (vocal) ... both on You Tube | Avalanche on Mt. Juneau above Behrends Ave. surprises downtown Juneau neighborhood at 10 AM March 3rd - Juneau Empire; the video on Facebook | Watch the Incredible Power of a Controlled Avalanche in Juneau, Alaska (at Snowslide Creek on Mt. Roberts), March 3rd, 2017 by Pat Costello (You Tube)

Fri. 3/03/17: 0517: NWS: Winter Storm Warning is Cancelled - See 0517 Below | The Juneau Airport had 3.7" of Snowfall on Thur. March 2 with .18" of Melted Precipitation | Researchers Aim to Switch Data Center Fiber Optics to Laser Beams - ENR | 1100: 1st Shot from the Treadwell Mine site at the Snowpack on Mt. Roberts above Thane Road by the State DOT/PF | KINY's video of avalanche hazard reduction on Thane Road this morning & Avalanches are occurring around Juneau, danger remains high through the weekend - KINY | NWS Summary of February 2017 Weather in Southeast Alaska - See Below | MV LeConte sailings for today, Friday, March 3, have been canceled due to dangerous weather conditions. - See 1015 Below .... (Sorry about the late posting)

Thur. 3/02/17: 1744: NWS: The Winter Storm Warning for Snow is now in effect until 6 AM AST Friday - See 1744 Below | 0627: Now Available: The February 2017 Monthly Report, and the updated Weather Database | NWS: Record Snowfall at the Annette Airport on Tuesday, February 28 - See 0145 Below | NIST Quest for Climate-Friendly Refrigerants Finds Complicated Choices - NIST .... My comment below | 0903: An avalanche warning has been issued for Thane Road from MP 1 to MP 5 - KINY | Costco to raise membership fees by $5 and $10 later this year (June 1) - KCRA - Sacramento, CA

Wed. 3/01/17: Ash Wednesday | 1555: NWS: A (new) Winter Storm Warning for 6" - 10" of Snow is in effect from Midnight tonight to 6 PM AST Thursday - See 1555 Below | 1138: NWS: The Winter Storm Warning for Snow has been Cancelled - See 1138 Below | Questions & Answers on Ash Wednesday - James Akin | Interactive 3D map of Oroville Spillway and Vicinity (Files on GitHub) | Due to ongoing repair work, the MV Kennicott will return to service two weeks later than originally planned. It will now resume revenue service March 30 - See 0846 Below

Tue. 2/28/17: 1958: NWS: Winter Storm Warning for 6" to 10" of Snow remains in effect from 3 AM Wednesday to Midnight AST Wednesday - See 1958 Below | 0817 (Posted here at 1003): NWS: The Winter Weather Advisory is Cancelled - See 0817 Below

Mon. 2/27/17: 2101: NWS: Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect from Midnight tonight to Noon AST Tuesday - See 2101 Below | Welcome Aboard... But First U.S. Marshals Will Scan Your Retina - Tyler Durden ... A few profane words in the comments | On the Trails: Jays and seed dispersal - Juneau Empire | No, Obamacare (PPACA) Has Not Saved American Lives - Oren Cass, Manhattan Institute | KCRA 3's LiveCopter 3 flies above Lake Oroville area as releases are coming to a stop - KCRA 3, Sacramento, CA | After gates were closed today: Lake Oroville Spillway February 27, 2017 - California Dept. of Water Resources (You Tube) .... The spillway chute is 178 feet - 8 inches wide and is (was) 3,050 feet long. Also see peeweethepinstriper's videos on You Tube

SUNDAY 2/26/17: 1519: Significant Storms to Impact Southeast Alaska late Monday night into Midweek - See 1519 Below | Wycliffe Bible Translators .... Marty & Karen Lange - They both grew up in Juneau


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