Thur. 6/22/17: Up, Up and Away (on You Tube): "Live" - The Fifth Dimension; Scenic Video (with The Fifth Dimension); Instrumental by Laurindo Almeida - Wikipedia ... I first heard Mr. Almeida's version in Nov. 1969 and it's still a favorite

Wed. 6/21/17: Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Rainier on June 19th - NWS Seattle on Facebook

Tue. 6/20/17: Summer Begins - Summer Solstice at 8:24 PM ADT | Ask a Climatologist: Summer solstice - KTOO | NWS: Record Low Temperature Tied at the Sitka Airport on Sun. June 18, 2017 - See 0645 Below | NWS: Record Low Minimum Temperature at Annette Airport on Sat. June 17, 2017 and Record Low Maximum Temperature Tied at the Juneau Airport on Fri. June 16, 2017 - See 0600 6/18 Below | NWS: Record Rainfall on Fri. June 16, 2017 at the Sitka Airport - See 0522 6/17 Below | Joint Status Report on the Cruise Lines International Association Alaska vs. CBJ Lawsuit (PDF); Links to Lawsuit Documents - CBJ

Mon. 6/19/17: Gold Rush Days marks 27th year - KTOO | Electricity in Texas: is 100% renewables feasible? Part I - Peter Davies; Response: Can Texas go 100% renewable? - Roger Andrews | Sealed Bid Sale #2518S002 M/V Taku Car/Passenger Ferry - State DOT/PF

SUNDAY 6/18/17: Happy Father's Day! | 2nd Day of the 27th Annual Gold Rush Days, 8 AM - 5 PM at Savikko Park, Douglas | 1220: Some of the new snow from June 16th is still on the very top of the highest part of Mt. Juneau Ridge... Snow melted away in the afternoon & evening | Reprise from Sept. 6, 2015: Pass It On: Evie Tornquist & Guitar Instrumental with Lyrics (You Tube); Midi version by, 1976 | Reprise from Sept. 5, 2015: On the Street Where You Live (You Tube) ... from the Broadway musical & motion picture "My Fair Lady" - Andy Williams ... It always reminds me of the Spring of 1976 and Hemlock St.

Sat. 6/17/17: NWS: Heavy Showers possible into Saturday - See 2257 6/16 Below | 27th Annual Gold Rush Days, Today & Sunday from 8 AM - 5 PM at Savikko Park in Douglas | Human Drivers Are Afraid to Hand the Wheel to Robots - Bloomberg .... Or maybe wiser and more independent, with a better grasp on the reality of the real world than the people designing and almost obnoxiously promoting and pushing these vehicles?

Fri. 6/16/17: 0532: NWS: Heavy Showers possible Friday evening into Saturday - See 0532 Below | Public tours of new Coat Guard cutter Bailey Barco 11 AM to 1 PM and 4 to 6 PM today | 27th Annual Gold Rush Days, Saturday & Sunday from 8 AM - 5 PM at Savikko Park in Douglas | Winners announced for Douglas Flag Day, events planned for July 3rd and 4th - KINY | 0750: Fresh (new) Snow on the very tops to tops of the mainland mountains | The M/V LeConte sailing to Tenakee and Angoon scheduled for June 17th is cancelled due to repairs to the ship's central refrigeration system - See 0943 Below

Thur. 6/15/17: Public tours of new Coat Guard cutter Bailey Barco 11 AM to 1 PM and 4 to 6 PM today & Friday - KTOO | New video clips of Planned Parenthood officials making nonchalant statements about the abortion process - ChristianNews ... Cautionary note about the content. No video on that site. | Pregnancy Decision Line - Answers. Before You Decide & OptionLine | Alaska gets another extension as state prepares for Real ID - ADN | King salmon fishing opens - Juneau Empire | Lyft now live in Anchorage & will also be in Fairbanks & Juneau, Uber starts Friday in Anchorage & in Juneau on Monday - Must Read Alaska | NWS: Heavy Rainfall possible Friday night & Saturday in the Juneau area - See 1423 Below

Wed. 6/14/17: Flag Day - See Below | Coast Guard to offer public tours of new cutter Bailey Barco 11 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM on both Thursday and Friday - KTOO | Governor Walker urged (by CBJ) to put the brakes on Uber, Lyft - KTOO | Propeller problems postpone ferry Columbia’s return - KFSK, Petersburg

Tue. 6/13/17: NWS: Weather Radar major upgrades to begin June 16 with the Biorka Weather Radar site which will be down for approximately 1 week - See 1614 6/12 Below | The Manta Resort underwater hotel room in Africa - designboom | Quick fix On-Site Hydraulic Hose Kit - Nitta Corp. | Evolution Electromagnetic Drill Press - Evolution Power Tools | Two Years Not Ten Years - Redesigning Infrastructure Approvals - Philip K. Howard (PDF) | A House on 20 acres in Concho, Arizona just for Cat Lovers (or bring your own sandblaster!) - Coldwell Banker, Scottsdale | M/V Columbia Return to Service Delayed - Additional repairs are needed to propeller system. The vessel is expected to return to service July 26 - See 1649 Below

Mon. 6/12/17: The Lonely Goatherd (The song from the motion picture The Sound of Music) - The Lennon Sisters (You Tube) ... As usual some of the comments are less than tasteful | W-15 Electric Pickup Truck for Fleets by Workhorse - Workhorse; First Drive: Workhorse W-15 Electric Pickup Truck Offers Speed and Utility -; You Don't Have to Wait for Tesla to Get Your Electric Pickup Truck - WIRED; Electric-Hybrid Pickup Truck Targets Contractors' Needs - ENR | State plans to drop asking price for State ferry M/V Taku that didn’t sell for $700,000 - ADN | Power Outage Monday morning around 8 a.m. for the Salmon Creek & Lemon Creek areas - KINY

SUNDAY 6/11/17: He - The Lennon Sisters (You Tube) | Power Outage for Douglas Island and part of downtown Juneau - See 1115 and 1200 Below

Sat. 6/10/17: One bushel of wheat contains about one million individual kernels - Source: National Association of Wheat Growers | What Does a Bushel of Wheat Mean to Me? - Kansas Wheat | Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority: Decision to Sell or Lease 450 Whittier Street - The Dept. of Public Safety Building ... The CBJ wants to acquire the property for parking | M/V Lituya sailings schedule for June 10-12, 2017 are canceled due to mechanical issues with the bow thruster - See 1010 Below

Fri. 6/09/17: NWS: Record High Temperatures set for June 8th at Haines and Skagway - See 0359 Below | In case you had missed this: "Critter Day" at the NWS Office in Juneau (Video on Facebook) | Oil spill spared fish & See no news… Craig Medred News

Thur. 6/08/17: 1540: NWS: Thunderstorms possible late this afternoon and evening - See 1540 Below | 0459: NWS: Potentially Hazardous Weather late this afternoon and evening including possible thunderstorms (slight chance of, 20%) ... My 10% was wrong for T-Storms but it's for the chance of rain - See 0459 Below | Public broadcasting's immortality defies reason - George Will | What are fulgurites and where can they be found? - Utah Geological Survey; Fulgurite - Wikipedia (with Stereo images) | How To Freeview Stereo (3D) Images - Greg Erker

Wed. 6/07/17: Since the 1st earthquake on May 1st +/- 131 miles from Juneau in Canada, there have been some 256 earthquakes in total of magnitude 2.5 and greater as of 6:24 PM ADT June 6th. | The Alaska Municipal League and the City & Borough of Juneau government are advocating that Governor Walker veto House Bill 132 passed by the Legislature that allows Uber and Lyft to operate in Alaska, because they want the law to allow more "local control" (meaning restrictions). Contact the Governor with your thoughts. If he vetos the bill the Legislature could override the veto. | Sing - The Carpenters (You Tube) | The Lilacs are blooming

Tue. 6/06/17: D-Day

Mon. 6/05/17: 0430: NWS: Glacial Dammed Lake Release into Mendenhall Lake is ending - See 0430 Below | RadioShack Has Essentially Shut All Its Stores - TWICE; and Comments at DSLReports | Identity Theft Feeds on Social Security Numbers Run Amok - Bloomberg ... Comment by "Blackbird" at DSLReports on Social Security Numbers ... My comment below | Assembly to vote on budget, alcohol at Eaglecrest tonight - Juneau Empire ... Too many Juneauites: Addicted to Alcohol and/or Marijuana but won't admit it. Update at 2009: The Borough Assembly 8 to 1 just approved alcohol at Eaglecrest. Thank you Mrs. Becker for being the lone principled No vote. | 1435: State Ferry M/V Tustumena Return to Service Further Delayed - See bottom of today's date

SUNDAY 6/04/17: Day of Pentecost - Acts 2 - KJ Version | NWS: Glacier Dam Release: 1409 Update for Mendenhall Lake below & 0528 Update for Mendenhall Lake & Taku River below || Norway’s Bold Plan to Build the World’s First Ship Tunnel - WIRED; Stad Ship Tunnel - Wikipedia; Norway will build the world’s first ship tunnel -; World’s First Ship Tunnel to Bypass Norway’s Most Dangerous Waters - gCaptain; & You Tube Videos || Juneau finishes May wetter & warmer than normal - Juneau Empire | Bald Eagle perched on the Whale Sculpture on Facebook: Tones Larsen at Juneau Community & Angelo Saggiomo at Juneau Empire's page (No bad language so far at the latter)

Sat. 6/03/17: 1311: NWS: Glacier Dam Release into Mendenhall Lake and Taku River - See 1311 Below | Family Fishing Day at Twin Lakes | Exploring the History of Douglas: 1 PM at the Douglas Library - Mark Whitman will present a program exploring the history of Douglas including resources, methods and paths for researching the folks & families who lived there.  Sponsored by the Treadwell Society as part of Douglas Days 2017 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Treadwell Mine Cave-in.  | Michigan city bans farmer from selling at public market because he won’t hold same-sex weddings on his property - Hot Air

Fri. 6/02/17: True Love - Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly (You Tube) ... Grace Kelly - Princess Grace of Monaco (Wikipedia) | 0640: Now Available: The May 2017 Monthly Report, and the updated Weather Database | NWS Summary of May 2017 Weather in Southeast Alaska - See Below | Mount Juneau ‘billboard’ was used for sending microwave signals - KTOO | My Weekly Picture Posts on the Reflector: Mountain Goats on Mt. Juneau - Sept. 7, 2005 & Sky (and a teensy part of Mt. Juneau) - Aug. 21, 2013 with info on the Reflector ... More information below

Thur. 6/01/17: Per Capita Taxes Have More Than Doubled Since JFK - Commentary by Terence P. Jeffrey | Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch Systems brings monster plane out of hangar for first time - GeekWire | State Ferry Tustumena cancellations mean headaches for Aleutian communities - ADN

Wed. 5/31/17: The Walker Administration's Rationale for the Aboveground Storage Tank Registration Requirement - State of Alaska | Alaska’s tiny, restless Bogoslof volcano erupts again -- & researchers won't be going there anytime soon - ADN | First confirmed brown (grizzly) bear on Douglas Island in decades killed on May 25 - ADN & Brown bear shot on May 25 on Douglas Island — the first documented kill in decades - KTOO | Media Yawn at Venezuela’s Spiraling, Socialist Nightmare - PoliZette

Tue. 5/30/17: Memorial Day (Traditional) | 46 million Turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving - Source: University of Illinois Extension Service

Mon. 5/29/17: Memorial Day (Observed) - Federal, State, & Local Holiday | Memorial Day Tribute - By Juan Browne (You Tube) | Memorial Day Observances: 11 AM at Evergreen Cemetery and at Alaskan Memorial Park; and at 11:30 AM at Southeast Alaska Native Veterans Memorial Park downtown | Local organizations to host three Memorial Day ceremonies in Juneau - KTOO

SUNDAY 5/28/17: High School Graduation today: Yaakoosge Daakahidi at 1 PM at Centennial Hall; Thunder Mountain at 4 PM, and Juneau-Douglas at 7 PM | There was some Aurora Borealis overnight | Order adopting changes to: Alaska Administrative Code: Title 18 - Environmental Conservation - Aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) at Class 2 facilities - See Below | What Is Real REAL ID Compliance? - Cato Institute ... My comments below | 1155: Seeds from the Sitka Willow by the deck are starting to be released

Sat. 5/27/17: NWS: A Frost Advisory is in effect from 9 PM this evening to 6 AM ADT Sunday - See 1517 Below | Because of the switch from trans fats to oils beware of rancid food in your cupboards - Dallas News | Easy Times To Relax - New York City, NY - Streaming Easy Listening, Beautiful Music Internet Radio | A Swingin' Safari - Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra (You Tube)

Fri. 5/26/17: Last Day of School | Why’d they put the whale way over there? - KTOO | Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new video - Washington Times and CMP, Daleiden face contempt charge over video release - Hot Air | No slappy face allowed: Conservative discontent with media deepens - Must Read Alaska | Juneau Dance Theater Spring Showcase - JDHS Auditorium at 7 PM this evening, and at 2 PM & 7 PM Sat. May 27th

Thur. 5/25/17: Ascension Day - Articles about Ascension Day at Steadfast Lutherans

Wed. 5/24/17: Free Market Solutions the Key to Health Care Reform - David Limbaugh | U.S. Officials: North Korea, if left unchecked, on 'inevitable' path to nuclear ICBM - Reuters | Mike Rowe: Why do we only glamorize expensive colleges? - See the video posted May 22 at his Facebook page ... "The jobs that exist right now don't require massive college debt." -- Mike Rowe


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