Above Auke Bay Looking Southeast

WEST JUNEAU WEEKLY PICTURE Above Auke Bay Looking Southeast Foreground: Mendenhall Peninsula with “The Cut” at the far right (one of the approaches to the Juneau International Airport). Center left: The Juneau International Airport with adjacent float plane basin. Remainder of the middle portion: Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge at low tide with part of … Continue reading "Above Auke Bay Looking Southeast"

Auke Bay, Alaska

WEST JUNEAU WEEKLY PICTURE Auke Bay, Alaska – From a Helicopter Auke Bay is ten miles northwest of the State Capitol in downtown Juneau as the crow flies. The Auke Bay Harbor is front and center, a small portion of Auke Lake shows at the upper right. The zip code for Auke Bay is 99821. … Continue reading "Auke Bay, Alaska"